Employee Spotlight - Kevin Hedgecock

by Andy Williams

Kevin Hedgecock has been with Orasi since September 2013. His interest in the IT Field began in his early 20s. When his brother introduced him to playing Doom II and Quake on a PC he was hooked! As his interest continued to grow, he and his brother began building computers together which ultimately led him to ECPI University where he received a degree in Information Technology. Currently Kevin works as a Team Lead for Smith and Nephew. He has a myriad of responsibilities as he oversees the entire testing process (creation of requirements, tests scripts, ALM administration, etc.).

Other hobbies of his include gaming on Xbox and PC, but his first love and passion is music. He has played drums for the past 25 years and is currently in a grindcore band that has performed both locally and nationally. Not only does he play but he is also involved in music writing as his band plans to release an EP sometime this spring or summer. Kevin enjoys listening to many genres of music but he is mainly interested in Metal. He also loves Astronomy and follows it very closely. Given Kevin’s diverse background, we are very privileged to have him as part of the Orasi family.

“He is a great employee; he is the definition of a lead. He makes sure his team has everything they need and takes on more work to ensure they do not get overwhelmed. He goes above and beyond expectations for his client, and they love working with him.” - Julia Walser, Manager