Guess Who - A Year In Review

by Alissa Taylor

Over the past year we have had some fun and challenging “Guess Who” competitions; below are our participants from FY15. Thank you to all who volunteered!

First Quarter Guess Who - Andy Williams

  • I have 14 cousins total and am the youngest on both sides.
  • I was once quarantined in a Chinese Hospital for “Swine Flu”.
  • I am right handed but left foot dominant.
  • I have double jointed thumbs.
  • I eat with plastic ware because I can taste the metal in silverware.
  • I was once shocked by electricity cleaning a golf ball washer when I was 16.

Second Quarter Guess Who - Zach Goins

  • I enjoy working with farm animals, soon to start raising beef cows.
  • I have a large collection of baseball cards and collectibles.
  • I enjoy riding 4-wheelers – owned several – last was a Limited Edition Silver Yamaha Grizzly 660.
  • I have two brothers – ages 26 and 7.
  • I have traveled to Germany and can speak a little German.

Third Quarter Guess Who - Josh Lee

  • I have attended over 10 schools (I promise it wasn’t because I was a bad kid).
  • I was all county second team my junior year.
  • I won the geography bee in 5th grade.
  • I played the baritone in middle school band.
  • My favorite TV show is Chuck.
  • I had bleach blonde hair in high school